By Hameed Orayzi, Camp Liberty resident

Four Hands Joined Together

“The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference” – Elie Wiesel

Indifference about human beings getting killed throughout history has led to catastrophes not only far from humanity’s pride, but in fact deep disgraces for the account of all mankind. One can cite such an example of the massacre of Jews by the Nazis that led to the Holocaust and the slaughtering of millions of innocent human beings. This event will always touch the conscience of every human being. How can one be indifferent to the pain and suffering of another human being, and still care less about it? I believe the killing of one human being is equal to the killing of all mankind, because a human being beholds all the values and qualities of the evolution of the entire universe; of course, the universe to the extent that we know of so far. Thus, indifference regarding the killing and cruelty against a human being is in itself the killing of all the elements of universal evolution. If we choose to not enter a philosophical discussion, in one sentence I can say that ‘We are all One’, and this should remind each and every one of us the humane responsibilities we bear.

Nearly 2,900 Iranian dissidents in Iraq are living in a prison-like camp that is ironically named “Liberty”. This camp was dubbed by Mayor Rudy Giuliani as a concentration camp, and the residents are under such harsh inhumane conditions that former Obama administration national security advisor General James Jones describes it as worse than Guantanamo Bay. The residents of this camp are even deprived of the basic rights that any prisoner enjoys even under dictatorial regimes. They are not only banned from meeting with their lawyers, but are even deprived of seeing their own family members, and it has been years since they have been placed under this cruel siege. Recently, the Iraqi government has taken another significant step in escalating the imposition of the most inhumane limitations on these individuals, barring their access to medical services. Such hideous conduct is considered crime against humanity under all international customs and standards. Forcing a population to suffer, with one third being women and a large number still in serious pain from wounds they’ve suffered in previous attacks by Iraqi forces truly breaks the heart of every human being.

To this day alone 18 of these residents have suffered to death due to these medical restrictions. One of them was friend of mine, Mehdi Fat’hi, who lost his life due to the gruesome medical blockade.

Mehdi Fathi, Camp Ashraf resident, who died as a result of medical blockade by Iraqi government
Mehdi Fathi, Camp Ashraf resident, who died as a result of medical blockade by Iraqi government

If we accept that all of us are of ‘One’, then how can we remain indifferent in the face of innocent human beings suffering to death. With our global solidarity we can be the strongest voice to say enough is enough and we can no longer tolerate this. Whatever it takes we will bring down this wall. To those who commit these inhumane and war crimes I say: rest assured, sooner or later, humanity will bring you to justice. These efforts will most definitely continue until justice is served.

Hameed Orayzi, resident of Camp Liberty, was a student in Louisiana State University (LSU) medical school before deciding to join the PMOI in the struggle for freedom, a choice he made after becoming aware of the suppression and mass executions carried out by the mullahs ruling Iran.

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