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The plight of human rights violations in Iran

The European Parliament recently witnessed 270 of its members issue a strongly worded statement lashing out and condemning the regime in Iran for its continuous and horrendous trend of human rights violations in contrast to preposterous claims of reforms and adopting a new approach. The statement encourages and rightfully demands the European Union and all Western governments “to condition any further relations with Iran to a clear progress on human rights and a halt to executions.” Continue reading The plight of human rights violations in Iran

Iran Presidential Election 2017: Ready For Change?

The Iran Presidential Election 2017 may see a change in regime.
One of the alternatives for President Hassan Rouhani could have been Maryam Rajavi, an anti-fundamentalist president-elect for the National Council of Resistance of Iran. But, the present constitution does not allow women in Iran to be electoral candidates.
Rajavi has a ten-point plan for future Iran. According to the plan, Iran will be a democratic country where the ballot box will decide everything.
Rajavi’s efforts are interesting to note since another woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is trying to be the first woman president of the United States. These two countries have an interesting relation.
Do you know, due to the morale policing of the present government, an Iranian model had to run away to Dubai?

Even though Iran agreed to Washington’s efforts for the nuclear deal, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has always been critical about it. The Iran Presidential Election 2017 may decide his faith as well.
Australia Network News spoke to Shahin Gobadi of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee. In the exclusive interview, Gobadi talked in detail about Rajavi’s plan for a secular Iran. According to him, the plan “articulates what kind of a future Iran” NCRI envisions to have.
Did you know some Iranian officials think Iranian women are corrupted by Kim Kardashian?
When asked about having a wide range of support from around the world, Gobadi said that the main support for NCRI was coming from Iran itself. “This movement is based on a very very extensive popular support among Iranians inside and outside Iran, who see this movement as the hope to … establish democracy,” Gobadi said.
“More than 120,000 of the activists of the People’s Mujahidin of Iran have been executed in Iran in the past 35 years.”
Italy had to hide its nude sculptures, when the Iranian President Visits Italy. Did you know that?
Gobadi believes Australia, like all other Western countries, should be more vocal against the human rights violation in Iran. He asks Australia not to have any relation with the companies which may be directly or indirectly related to Revolutionary Guards.
On July 9, NCRI is going to have a major gathering called “Free Iran” in Paris. People from all over the world and hundreds of dignitaries from all five continents are expected to take part in the Saturday event. According to Gobadi, around 100,000 people took part in the event in 2015. Here is a video about the event.
The Iran Presidential Election 2017 is going to be a crucial one. However, many in the opposition believe the election is rigged and has no legitimacy

‘Free Iran’ rally gives voice to those still suffering in Iran

political prisoner, who escaped Iran last year, has written his account of why he plans to join tens of thousands of Iranians and their international supporters at the July 9 “Free Iran” rally in Paris. Continue reading ‘Free Iran’ rally gives voice to those still suffering in Iran

Iran: Call for urgent action to save the lives of political prisoners on hunger strike

calls on all international human rights organizations especially the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, the Rapporteur on the right to life and the Rapporteur of the working group on arbitrary arrests to take immediate and effective action to address the situation of political prisoners especially the political prisoner on hunger strike Jafar Azimzadeh who is in critical condition.
The religious fascism ruling Iran not only does not respond to the justified demands of political prisoners, but has increased pressure on them, and with trumped up charges and various obstacles is trying to further harass and torture them. Continue reading Iran: Call for urgent action to save the lives of political prisoners on hunger strike

Iran: Prospects for change one year after the nuclear agreement

I invite all friends to participate in an internet campaign for this Grand gathering in Paris on July 9. Please share this with your friends. Campaign will be on twitter, FB, G+ and … at the start of the event. Thank you for your support for peace and democracy in Iran and the whole world.
This was posted originally at http://ncr-iran.org/en/news/iran-resistance/20526-iran-prospects-for-change-one-year-after-the-nuclear-agreement

Middle East: Growing and immediate threat of Islamic extremism
Contrary to earlier assessments, a year after the nuclear deal between the P5+1 countries and the clerical regime, Tehran’s belligerence in the region has become more widespread, the human rights situation in Iran has deteriorated and the regime has become ever more closed and introverted.
Watch a 3-minute clip about this year’s event with highlights from a similar event last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRb6qYyntlY Continue reading Iran: Prospects for change one year after the nuclear agreement

Couverture TV de Reuters aux manifestations de Paris pour dénoncer la visite du MAE du régime iranien

Reuters Television a diffusé des images de la manifestation qui s’est tenue mercredi pour dénoncer la visite du ministre des Affaires étrangères du régime iranien Javad Zarif en France.
Reuters TV a interviewé Shahin Gobadi de la commission des affaires étrangères du Conseil national de la Résistance iranienne (CNRI) qui a déclaré : “les Iraniens sont ici pour préciser que Javad Zarif ne fait que représenter une théocratie impitoyable qui est le principal bourreau en Iran et le principal financier du terrorisme international. C’est aussi le régime qui soutient Bachar al-Assad” dans son carnage contre le peuple syrien. Continue reading Couverture TV de Reuters aux manifestations de Paris pour dénoncer la visite du MAE du régime iranien