images (7)Depriving the patients of having access to medical services and doctors under the pretext of not holding ID cards

Intelligence forces affiliated to the Iraqi Prime Ministry are interfering in the residents’ medical affairs and are depriving them of medical services. Preventing the patients from going to hospitals and depriving them of access to medical services is an inhumane act. In order to legitimize this act, the Iraqi Intelligence Forces are resorting to various pretexts. One of the most significant pretexts is the issue of ID cards. Recently, Iraqi forces under the pretext that the patients do not have protected ID cards, which were issued by US Forces in 2004, are preventing the patients from going to hospitals. This means people who don’t have ID cards won’t be permitted to go to hospitals.

It is worth noting that in 2004 and 2008 when the US forces were in charge of Camp Ashraf protection, issued ID cards for all Ashraf residents. The cards that were issued in 2004 were “Protected Persons” cards and in 2008 the US Forces issued a different type of identification cards for all the residents.

Given that some of the residents came to Ashraf after 2004, they do not have the “Protected Person” ID cards and they only have the 2008 ID cards issued by the US forces.

The residents request that UNHCR at least issues ID cards for these residents so that the Iraqi Government will have no excuse to prevent them from going to hospitals.

In the past week there have been many instances where Iraqi forces denied Camp Liberty residents access to hospitals for this very reason. In one instance, the Iraqi Intelligence officer told the patient that he has to “die in this camp,” and had him returned to the camp.

Iraqi forces also prevent residents from carrying out medical examinations and receiving special therapy.

Preventing the installation of T-walls and bunkers

The Iraqi Government is still preventing the installation of T-walls. It is more than a month that the installation of T-walls and bunkers has been halted.