Chamberlain shakes hands with Hitler
Chamberlain shakes hands with Hitler

By Hameed Orayzi, hunger striker in camp Liberty

I am one of the hundreds of Camp Liberty residents who, along with other Iranians across the world, are on hunger strike voicing protest against the brutal massacre that Iraqi forces conducted against the residents of Camp Ashraf on September 1st, killing 52 and abducted seven others.

We were abandoned in the hands of Iraqi forces when the US entrusted our security to Iraqi government. It was a clear violation of obligations, because US had already promised us that it would provide our protection. Since then, the Iraqi government staged 5 massacres against us, innocent refugees who had fled Iran and the mullahs’ atrocities 26 years ago and had come to Ashraf, seeking a peaceful life.

Since we began our hunger strike, we have been asked many times about why we’ve made that decision, whether such a course of action is logical, or isn’t there any other option. The answer becomes clear when one reviews the facts and realities that surround our situation.

We have been attacked by the Iraqi forces on five accounts as a direct result of US and UN’s failure in fulfilling their commitments, the last one being the horrible September 1, 2013 massacre. 112 innocent human beings have lost their lives in these attacks. Seven hostages, six of whom are women, are still in the custody of Al-Maliki’s government and face the threat of extradition to Iran. The rest of us, currently residing in Camp Liberty, are under the constant threat of missile attacks and raids by Iraqi forces. Yet the US and UN continue to remain indifferent.

After being betrayed by those who had given their word to protect your life, then life itself becomes be the last means to have your voice heard. After having become subject to all these crimes and betrayals, the question is, “What is to be done?”

The answer is clear. I have to endanger my life to wake the international community from its slumber. The US and UN are responsible for anything that befalls the hostages or the hunger strikers.

As an Iranian who spent many years in US as a college student, my message to president Obama is, “How much more innocent blood is must be shed for you to change your failed course of action?

“I call on President Obama to honor the values that the pioneers of your nation fought for and make the right decision. Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, whom you’ve invited to the White House, is responsible for the death of my colleagues and is holding the hostages in his custody. Refrain from accepting him in your office before the hostages are released. Not doing so will give him and the mullahs in Iran the cue to stage further massacres against us.

“If any further killings happen in Liberty, the Iranian people never forgive you. Take my word: history never makes mistake, it is the best judge. History has already judged Neville Chamberlain, the UK Prime Minister, who shook hands with Hitler and, in consequence, fifty million people lost their lives.

“How will history judge you, President Obama?”

Hameed Orayzi, hunger striker in Camp Liberty
Hameed Orayzi, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

Hameed Orayzi, resident of Camp Liberty, was a student in Louisiana State University (LSU) medical school before deciding to join the PMOI in the struggle for freedom, a choice he made after becoming aware of the suppression and mass executions carried out by the mullahs ruling Iran.