What Iran Fears Most

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Iranians will be taking advantage of the May 19 presidential election to voice their apathy and respond to calls being made to boycott the so-called polls. They may also use the sham elections to spark an uprising against the regime.

The Iranian people have lost all hope in any form of real elections in Iran, knowing the theocratic regime vets all candidates based on their loyalty to the ruling establishment. This leaves no room for free and fair elections, and thus any expectation of changes inside Iran or in the regime’s foreign policy through elected officials is utterly naïve.

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Sanctions on Iran should be further upgraded

By Shahriar Kia

Thirty foreign companies and individuals have recently been sanctioned by the United States for the transfer of sensitive technology used in Iran’s missile program or violating export controls imposed on Iran, North Korea and Syria.

The State Department issued a statement last week making the new sanctions announcement, specifying how entities and individuals involved in assisting Tehran’s ballistic missile drive are targeted. This is considered a positive step in the effort to at least hinder the mullahs’ expanding their overall missile program, utilized to seek no objective other than spreading Iran’s message of Islamic fundamentalism and plunging the entire region into war.

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IRGC Is Arm of Iran Regime’s Exporting of Terrorism

An expert panel met with the U.S. Senate to discuss Iran’s upcoming ‘elections’ and the role of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the Middle East. Various officials within the U.S. have been debating the wisdom of designating the IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization. Current legislation in from of Congress would impose harsher sanctions on the IRGC, but would not go so far as to designate it a terrorist organization.

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Iran: Rouhan’s $200bn inheritance for next president

In his sole 100 day report, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared the cabinet of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, his predecessor, as the most in debt cabinet with more than $57bn in liabilities. Now, after around four years, the debt owed by Rouhani’s cabinet has reached more $200bn, leaving it as the inheritance for the next president. This was only one example of the atrocious economic situation in Iran during Rouhani’s tenure.

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Hassan Rouhani: Nuclear technology is a necessity for us

Marking the 11th anniversary of various nuclear achievements, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday displayed two new achievements by Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. A number of ambassadors and other representatives of foreign countries were present at the event.

“Nuclear technology is a necessity for us, and that is exactly why [Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei] constantly highlights on continuing to develope this technology,” he said according to an ISNA wire.

Iran: Protesters rallied outside the parliament on Sunday

News from inside Iran: Based on a previous statement calling for such a rally, families of death row prisoners from all across Iran rallied outside the parliament on Sunday demanding the termination of all executions. 500 protesters were reported taking part in this gathering and 90% of those participating were women with their children.

Security forces and plainclothes agents, present at the scene prior to the rally, began insulting and resorting to violent measures aimed at dispersing the crowd. They also arrested a number of the protesters. Some of the agents were seen carrying weapons and there is no exact information on the number and identity of those arrested.

Blacklisting Iran’s IRGC Will Decrease Middle East

Originally posted on Forbes

The White House these days continues to discuss designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a major sponsor of terrorism. The U.S. Congress has been weighing a number of different bills proposed for this purpose. In response, Iran and its lobbies have been distorting the truth in the media by claiming such a move will lead to a backlash from Iran. The truth is quite the opposite, and the Middle East will actually begin enjoying peace and stability, as the IRGC blacklisting will shorten the mullahs’ reach outside its borders.

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