Aswat Al Iraq, Iraq’s main news agency, reported on April 1, 2014, that Raad Dehlaki of Al Iraqia faction saying in a press interview, “The residents of Camp Liberty should be treated according to the law.  There are international pacts and also international organizations that oblige us to treat them humanely.”

Dehlaki was also reported saying, “The international laws have certain mechanisms in dealing with these people. We consider them as our guests. In fact, they are refugees here,”

Ghasem Mohammad
Ghassem Mohammad Ghassem

“Kol-al-Iraq” agency reported that parliamentarian Ghassem Mohammad Ghassem of the Kurdistan Coalition saying, “I have a clear position against the siege against Camp Liberty and obstruction of food, medicine and other life necessities.” He added, “As a solution, the way should be open to them to move to a third country.”