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Tancredo: Left Targets Giuliani for Fighting Terrorism too Energetically

The article originally posted on Breitbart‘ by former US member of Congress Tom Tancredo

In a move that invites parody if not outright ridicule, the left-oriented Politico blog this week went after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for fighting Iran-sponsored terrorism too aggressively. Well, duh!

n a week that saw “Fake News” become the number one topic of debate among mainstream journalists, Politico decided to double down on stupidity and serve up a prime example of fake news. The Washington post dutifully echoed the false accusations to give the lie a cloak of respectability not bestowed by Politico.

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Iran: Sanctions relief money is spent on terrorism

This article originally posted om the

By Shahriar Kia

Developments following the landmark nuclear deal struck between Tehran and the world powers prove that hopes for the recovery of Iran’s economy in a post-JCPOA era is false placed.

The economic crisis riddling Iran is a byproduct of the corruption ingrained in the structure of the fundamentalist regime ruling the country and the very foundations it has been established on. And this isn’t something that is going to change as a result of an international treaty or an alteration of the country’s political lineup.

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Iran Lobby’s Yellow and Biased Smear Campaign Against MEK

Tehran has taken nearly full control over Baghdad thanks to the Obama Middle East Doctrine, blueprinted to deliver a series of incentives to Iran aimed at preventing the mullahs from walking away from the already flawed nuclear deal. One victim of such a failed policy has been the country of Iraq, as Iran gained enormous influence over it under President Barack Obama’s watch.

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With Trump As President-Elect, Iran Begins Its Great Lobbying Effort For An Uncertain Future

Independent  Journal Review reported a very informative article  by JOHN LEE about Iranian regime lobbying after US Presidential election. Iran believes that “The golden time of Obama is over”.

The article starts:

Without any great surprise, the Iran lobby has jumped into the post-election fray with both feet to simultaneously try to save the Iran nuclear deal and muddy the waters for the developing Trump administration’s policy towards the Iranian regime moving forward.

The problems facing the Iran lobby are wide and varied. On the one hand, it is faced with the proposed possibility that a Trump administration will rescind the nuclear agreement, modify it to link it to other conditions such as Iran’s support for terrorism, or re-impose sanctions the Obama administration had lifted in the hopes of cultivating “moderation” within the regime.

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Political prisoners in Iran continuing hunger strike

By Shahriar Kia

In Iran, three political prisoners by the names of Rasoul Razavi, Morteza Morad Pour and Hossein Ali Mohammadi have continued their hunger strike on November 12th

Protesting regime officials’ refusal to release him, Razavi remains steadfast on his hunger strike since October 4th after being exiled to Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran.

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Iran’s Moderates Whip Iran’s Children

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Senior U.S. and European government officials reiterate their hopes that Iran’s economic recovery and its rehabilitation into the global economy could help support last year’s nuclear deal and strengthen President Hassan Rouhani, whom they view as a moderate. Well, no court of justice scrutinizes anybody for his dreams, particularly when there is a great need for changing our world into a more peaceful and civilized one. The reality, nevertheless, does not always make our wishes come true. It is unfortunate that the glare of profitable business has made these officials commit a few miscalculations in their wish.
Many parliamentarians in the West express doubts if Tehran has done anything since last year’s nuclear agreement to reduce its support for terrorist groups in the Middle East. Iran has clearly remained a key supporter of Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad.

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Hold the Iranian Regime Accountable for Its Atrocities

This article posred on Americab Thinkers – October 9 2016

By Shahriar Kia

October 10th will mark the 14th World Day Against Death Penalty, where people around the world will rally to support the abolition of executions. While we have reason to celebrate progress in seeing more countries abolish the death penalty in 2015, with 169 of the 193 member states of the UN having been execution-free in the past year, we also need to raise awareness and alarm in regions and countries where the state of human rights and the application of capital punishment has continued to deteriorate.

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