For 39 days, the residents of camp Liberty, Iranians across the globe, and dignitaries, parliamentarians, human rights activists and politicians from many countries are calling for the release of 7 Ashraf residents who were taken hostage by the Iraqi government on September 1st. Yet the Iraqi government continues to defy their demands, and is planning to extradite the hostages to Iran, where they will be executed by the terrorist regime of the mullahs.

Hanif Garmabi, who lost his father Abbas to the atrocities of Maliki’s forces on September 1st, is worried for his mother, Zahra Ramezany, one of the seven hostages of Ashraf. He is extremely outraged at the US and UN for neglecting their obligations and not acting for the release of the seven hostages. He has posted a video on YouTube, reaching out to the world and asking for help in rescuing his mother.

Watch Hanif’s video and help him in his plight: