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According to reports obtained from inside Iran, the past months have seen a spike in arrests and executions. In fear of mass anti-state protests similar to those that took place in 2009, the regime has resorted to raid the homes of political and human rights activists in Iran, especially the supporters of the main resistance group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).


‘Condition Trade With Iran on Human Rights’

Posted on Clarion Project

As the international community rightfully focuses on Iran’s meddling in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen (in addition to its ballistic missile belligerence), one aspect that should remain under the spotlight is Tehran’s atrocious human rights violations.

Congress and the Trump administration are turning up the heat on Iran already. Concurrently, 265 members of the European Parliament issued a joint statement on Monday expressing their grave concerns about the mullahs’ “human rights violations, repression of women and minorities and the Iranian regime’s support of terrorism.”

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Election debates embarrass the Iran regime

Originally posted on American Thinker

It appears already fierce internal disputes among Iranian regime officials have risen to new levels during the first two 2017 presidential debates held on April 28th and May 6th. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani repeated his strong remarks against the camp loyal to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. However, a close review of the debates sheds significant light on the truly disastrous conditions inside the mullahs’ regime.

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Tears that broke people’s hearts

I am not looking for God in the heavens! In fact, one can see and feel God in the cries of every aggrieved individual, the tears of mothers, and the emotions of orphaned children…
As you read this piece, and I am writing it, the éclat of God is resembled in us, yes, us. That is when we can take action to realize a better life, not just for ourselves, but for all of humanity! The truth is, we are human.
Love gives meaning to humanity, love for others, love for freedom, love for human rights, love for all human beings, regardless of the color of their skin, religion, nationality, language and …
Majed is a 13-year-old Syrian boy seen weeping over his brother’s dead body. Any human being that witnessed Majed’s tears was taken to Aleppo, and burned with Aleppo.
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Crackdown on the rise in Iran after nuclear pact; no surprise

This article originally posted on The Hill

By Shahriar Kia
Despite the fact that a chorus of so-called Iranian human rights advocates, many dispatched by the regime in Tehran, began to place their weight behind the nuclear deal between P5+1 and Iran, the opposition had beforehand warned of a resulting crackdown. The mullahs in Iran consider the nuclear agreement, and in fact any other pact signed with any party, or parties, of the international community as a green light to step up human rights violations and deadly meddling across the globe. Therefore, recent arrests of journalists and other such measures are of no surprise.
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The West Must Protect Iranian Dissidents From Attack

This article is posted on News Week
By Steve McCabe 11/19/15

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks after returning from the annual United Nations General Assembly in Tehran on September 29. Western governments need to confront Rouhani over his attacks on Camp Liberty and Iran’s support and encouragement for extremist activity, the author writes.Raheb Homavandi/Reuters
There are not too many issues that attract bipartisan support in Washington, D.C., these days. One exception is a strong cross-party desire to confront Iran’s continuing direct involvement in and sponsorship of extremist violence.
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Iran: three decades of execution and hanging continues

On the morning of 19 June 1982, we had just eaten breakfast in the IRGC prison in the northern city of Lahijan. We tried sat in the corner of our cell in order to read a book. There were nine of us and were confined in a 16 meter squared cell. We were all political prisoners and opposed the religious regime in Iran for the crimes it had carried out against youths and freedom-loving individuals. Suddenly, the cell door that was locked with a heavy chain opened. The guard looked at us and said: Mohammad and Abdullah Samizadeh, come out! Mohaammad and Abdullah were brothers; both stepped out of the cell after a moment. I was a bit surprised; why did they take Mohammad and Abdullah at 7 in the morning I thought to myself. We became worried.
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