release_hostages_38_daysAmnesty International has issued an urgent action, confirming that 7 Ashraf residents, abducted during the September 1st massacre, are possibly in the custody of Iraqi authorities, are at risk of torture and could forcibly be returned to Iran.

The statement reiterates testimonies given by eyewitnesses about the abduction of the hostages. It also states that while the Iraqi government denies having taken part in the September 1st massacre, it has been responsible for previous attacks on Camp Ashraf and the deaths of dozens of its residents.

In this regard, the statement gives a brief account of how the Iraqi government attacked camp Ashraf and murdered its residents in 2009 and 2011.

Amnesty International has called on its members to write to Iraqi authorities and demand the immediate release of the seven hostages, and to remind them of their obligations under international law to avoid returning the hostages to Iran, where they will be at risk of torture and execution.