39 days pass from Camp Liberty residents’ hunger strike. 25 hunger strikers were put under medical treatment due to digestive problems, muscular pains, severe exhaustion, dizziness, blurred vision and loss of hearing.

One of the hunger strikers who lost his brother to the September 1st massacre in Ashraf scolds the United States and United Nations for their continued idleness in dealing with the issue of the seven Camp Ashraf hostages, abducted by Iraqi forces and in custody of the Iraqi government. He reiterated that, based on a quadripartite agreement, the US and UN were responsible for the safety and security of camps Ashraf and Liberty. But not only did they do nothing to prevent the Iraqi forces from murdering 52 Ashraf residents, but their continued inaction is also jeopardizing the lives of the 7 hostages, who are enduring severe tortures and are facing the threat of extradition to Iran at this very moment. He stressed that he will continue his hunger strike along with other residents until the hostages are released and the protection of Camp Liberty is provided by UN Blue Helmets.

Mehdi, one of the hunger strikers, who has lost five of his family members to the Iranian regime’s brutality, has posted a video on YouTube, calling on the international community and advocates of human rights to help free the seven hostages.

Watch Mehdi’s video: