According to information obtained by the Iranian resistance, 7 hostages abducted from camp Ashraf by Iraqi forces during the brutal massacre of September 1 are currently incarcerated in a governmental prison in Baghdad.

Agents of the Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry and embassy in Baghdad have interrogated and tortured them and have threatened to extradite them to Iran, where they will be further tortured and promptly executed. According to reports, the hostages have changed their hunger strike into dry hunger strike.

According to information and documents obtained by the Iranian resistance from inside the Iranian regime, Nouri al-Maliki personally follows the issue of seven Camp Ashraf hostages and determines how and where to keep them.

According to these documents which are presentable to any international competent court of law, in a meeting with a number of security officials in late September, Maliki ordered additional measures be taken to keep the location of seven Camp Ashraf hostages secret and subject them to criminal behavior.

President Obama and Secretary General Ban Kimoon and directly responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the seven hostages, all of whom had protected person status under the Fourth Geneva Convention and were recognized and “persons of concern” by the United Nations. Their silence and inaction will pave the way for the Iraqi government and the Iranian regime to further torture and eventually murder the hostages.