Camp Ashraf Masacre

On September 1st, 2013, Iraqi Special Forces, taking direct orders from the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and doing the bidding of the Iranian regime, stormed camp Ashraf and massacred 52 of the camp’s residents. The victims were killed in the most horrible ways; the heart-rending pictures of them drowned in their blood, handcuffed and shot in the head, shot in the chest, face, neck, shook the world.

The Iraqi authorities broke all their pledges and commitments and murdered more than half of the camp residents, the very same people whom they were supposedly protecting.

It was the Iraqi forces that committed this horrible crime against humanity, but in practice, it was the silence and inaction of the United Nations and United States that paved the way for Maliki and emboldened him to commit this heinous crime. The US and UN had given written assurances about the protection of the residents of Camp Ashraf and Liberty and, because of their failure to stay true to their promises, 52 innocent people will never see the light of another day.

But the atrocities of the Iraqi government did not all end on September 1st. On the same day, the forces that attacked Ashraf abducted seven of the camp’s residents, six women and a man, and removed them from the camp under the watchful eyes of the same police force that was in charge of camp Ashraf’s protection.

Despite the Iraqi government’s futile attempts at denying having the hostages in its custody, there’s ample enough evidence that the hostages were kidnapped by Iraqi forces and, according to accounts given by witnesses and the latest documents provided by the Iranian resistance, presentable to any international competent court of law, the hostages are still in Iraq and hidden in Maliki’s secret dungeons in Baghdad, frequented solely by the agents and professional torturers of the Prime Minister’s office and the Iranian regime’s embassy. What torment are they enduring? One can only imagine.

Again, the continued idleness of United States and United Nations is spurring Maliki to avoid releasing the hostages and to possibly extradite them to Iran, where they will be savagely executed by the most vicious regime in the world.

In protest to this crime and the United States’ and United Nations’ negligence in fulfilling their duties, the residents of camp Liberty have gone on hunger strike since the day of the attack, demanding the immediate release of the seven hostages and the protection of Liberty by UN. The hostages themselves are on hunger strike as well, and the latest reports by the Iranian resistance indicate that they’ve gone on dry hunger strike against the mounting threat of their extradition to Iran.

In fact, the price of President Obama and Secretary General Ban Kimoon’s incompetency is being paid with the health – and perhaps the lives – of the hostages, in custody of the Iraqi government, and hunger strikers across the world.

The United States and the United Nations will be directly responsible for any fate that befalls the hostages. The atrocities must end here – the United States and United Nations must intervene and secure the safe release of the hostages.