Camp Liberty Hunger Strike Enters Second Month


Today, the second month of camp Liberty residents’ hunger strike began. On this day, 100 of the hunger strikers suffered from symptoms caused by hunger strike, including digestive problems, muscular cramps, extreme fatigue, dizziness and dimness of sight and hearing. 18 of them were taken to the Iraqi clinic in camp Liberty. It is worth noting that, to this day, 270 of the hunger strikers have been taken to the Iraqi clinic because of effects caused by the hunger strike. The physician who was present at the hunger strike location stated that the hunger strikers are losing weight at an increasing rate and during the past day, hunger strikers have lost 1 to 1.5 KGs.

Although suffering from extreme weakness caused by 30 days of hunger strike, the hunger strikers reiterated today that, even if it will cost them their lives, they will continue their hunger strike until their demands are met, which include the release of the seven Ashraf hostages who are in hands of Iraqi forces and the fulfillment of minimum security requirements for camp Liberty.

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