32 days ago, on September 1, Maliki’s forces raided camp Ashraf, murdered 52 of its unarmed and defenseless residents, abducted 7 others, and destroyed millions of dollars’ worth  of property. The evil deed was carried out in cold blood and under the watchful eyes of the Iraqi forces responsible for the camp’s security.

Since then, in face of the undeniable evidence by eyewitnesses and authentic and reliable reports provided by the Iranian resistance, the Iraqi government has futilely tried to deny having conducted the massacre or having the hostages in its custody. Maliki has been constantly ordering the 7 hostages, six women and a man, transferred to different prisons and safe houses to evade being discovered and facing the consequences of the heinous crime that he has committed.

The hostages were last located at Sharaf prison, one of Maliki’s notorious covert confinement centers, where they are being tortured by Iraqi security forces and elements of the Iranian regime’s embassy and intelligence agency. They are under the constant threat of being murdered or extradited to Iran, where they will be executed without delay.

Congressman Ted Poe, from Texas, posted a statement on his website addressed to Speaker John Boehner, in which he stressed the necessity of finding and releasing the hostages.

In his statement, Congressman Poe said, “Mr. Speaker, there were 7 hostages taken on September 1. All we know is that they are somewhere in Iraq still. If we don’t find these hostages soon, it is almost certain that they will be killed in Iraq or taken to Iran and executed. Our government must do everything in its power to secure their release.”

The United States and United Nations bear direct responsibility on the wellbeing and the security of the hostages and must take immediate action and concrete steps to force the Iraqi government to release them, a fact that has been underscored by hunger strikers, dignitaries, members of parliaments and human rights activists across the world.