To this day, according to the information provided to NCRI from inside Iran, the seven Ashraf hostages, abducted during the savage attack of Nouri Al-Maliki’s forces on September 1st, are being held in Sharaf prison, a complex controlled by Nouri Maliki’s son, Ahmad. Quite ironically, the seven hostages, victims of the Iraqi government’s terrorism, are captive in a prison that is used to detain those alleged of terrorism.

This prison is used by the prime minister to covertly destroy his opponents without anyone learning of their fate. That is exactly the fate that awaits the seven hostages.

Aside from Maliki’s torturers and interrogators, only agents from the Iranian embassy and intelligence ministry, and torturers from the Quds force are allowed to visit the hostages in order to pursue their evil deeds. The Iranian regime’s embassy has allocated a full-time interpreter to this end.

The hostages have no access to lawyers and family, and the judge who reviews their case is completely in league with Maliki and his cohorts.

This injustice must stop now. As stressed time and again by hunger strikers, dignitaries, human activists and parliamentarians around the world, the United States and United Nations have direct responsibility in freeing the hostages from the clutches of Maliki and preventing them from being extradited to Iran.