Camp Liberty Hunger Strike - Day 30
Camp Liberty Hunger Strike – Day 30

While the first month of camp Liberty residents’ hunger strike comes to a close, the health of the hunger strikers is deteriorating at an increasing pace, and every day, more of the hunger strikers are bedridden and taken to the Iraqi clinic of the camp. Yet all of them unequivocally insist that they will continue their hunger strike until the seven Ashraf hostages in custody of Iraqi Government are released and the protection of camp Liberty residents provided.

Mehrdad, one of the hunger strikers in camp Liberty who has lost 8 kilos since the beginning of the hunger strike and is suffering from severe health problems, has refused to abide physicians’ recommendations to quit the hunger strike and firmly persists on continuing his hunger strike until the just demands are met, even if it means his life. He reiterates that US and UN are responsible for the safety of the hostages and reaches out to the international community to put pressure on the Iraqi government to release the hostages.

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