International Criminal Court
International Criminal Court

Nowhere in the world can a crime suspect be involved in that crime’s investigation, let alone assume its responsibility. Yet that is exactly the case regarding the massacre of 52 residents of camp Ashraf on September 1st. Following the heinous crime that Iraqi forces under direct command of Maliki committed in Ashraf, the Government of Iraq decided to deceive the international community by declaring a sham investigation into this crime against humanity.

This masquerade of an investigation was carried out by three officers sent to camp Liberty on behalf of General Jamil al-Semmari, chief of Diyala police and commander of the September 1st massacre in Ashraf, to interrogate the 42 survivors of the massacre, who have been relocated from Ashraf to Camp Liberty.

To what degree can one rely on the results of such an investigation? Is such an undertaking even legitimate?

While the Iraqi government is still torturing seven residents of Ashraf in its dungeons, the goal of this investigation was solely to wipe the blood off Maliki’s hands and set the stage for the further massacres of PMOI members in Camp Liberty.

The attorneys of the residents of camp Liberty have announced that the probe must be carried out by the UN Secretary-General, High Commissioner of Human Rights and/or the Security Council. Nonetheless, to prevent any excuses and allegations of lack of cooperation, one of the eyewitnesses of the Ashraf massacre described his observations of the scenes of the massacre and group executions of the residents by the Iraqi forces for four and a half hours!

Quite predictably, when the residents spoke of the role of police officers and Iraqi officials in this massacre, the so-called investigation team impulsively responded that no one has the right to raise such allegations against government officials or the police.

The residents of camp Liberty are outraged by these bogus and sham investigations and expect Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and High Commissioner Pillay to assume responsibility of the inquiry into the September 1 massacre and mass execution. Also, the US government, which has assumed responsibility regarding the residents’ safety and security, must take this grave crime against humanity to the International Criminal Court through the UN Security Council. Only then can justice be done.