Camp Liberty Hunger Strike - Day 29
Camp Liberty Hunger Strike – Day 29

Today is the 29th day of the Liberty residents’ hunger strike. Today 46 of the hunger strikers suffered from cramps, dizziness, dimness of sight and hearing, and digestive problems. Twelve of them were taken to the Iraqi clinic inside the camp.

While being extremely upset at US government’s inaction, the brother of one of September 1st massacre victims, said, “My brother stayed in Ashraf as guardian of property based on the commitments of UN and US and their assurances about safety of Ashraf, but I lost him and now I have to face the extradition of seven Ashrafi hostages to Iran.” He added, “Our first demand is that a delegation from the US Embassy and the United Nations must immediately visit Sharaf Prison in Baghdad’s Green Zone, behind the Prime Ministry’s office, and the hostages must be released as soon as possible. I will fight for the freedom of the hostages to the end, because Iraqi government is holding them.”