7 Ashraf residents, taken hostage by Iraqi forces on September 1st, have been missing for 26 days. According to information from inside the mullahs’ regime, the hostages, previously held in the prisons of Maliki’s “Dirty Division”, have been transferred to a prison known as Sharaf located in Baghdad’s Green Zone area, behind the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister.

Sharaf prison is a notorious prison that belongs to Maliki’s counter-terrorism apparatus in which Qods forces agents have an active role.

To complete his deceitful plot, Maliki has made the arrangements to have a team from the UN inspect the “Dirty Division” prison after the hostages were transferred.


The Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest ranking religious figure in England, in his weekly sermon prayed for the release of Ashraf’s seven hostages and called for a week of prayer for hostages, remembering especially those from Camp Ashraf and those in Syria – and the people of Nairobi. He said, “In the very recent past it [camp Ashraf] was raided, a significant number of people were killed and a number of others disappeared into captivity.”

Also, in an international conference held in Geneva, former French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner stressed that America must urge Iraq to release the seven hostages taken captive during the Camp Ashraf massacre.

In his speech, he said, “If the Americans have some honor, they would require that the seven hostages, six women and coincidentally a man, be released and certainly not given to Iran because this would then be the ultimate contradiction.

“So allowing the prime minister installed by the Americans act on behalf of Iraq to kill and deliver people protected by UN, I think it would be a rare and massive stupidity committed by humans.”

The residents of camp Liberty remind the United States and the United Nations of their direct responsibility to protect the residents in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty and demand for their immediate intervention to visit the hostages, prevent their extradition to the clerical regime in Iran, and secure their release. They also call on human rights activists to join the worldwide campaign for the release of the hostages and to rescue them from brutal torture by Maliki’s henchmen.