Today is the 26th day of the Liberty residents’ hunger strike. Due to heart and digestive problems and other illnesses related to the hunger strike, 7 of the hunger striker women were taken to the camp’s clinic under the supervision of Iraqi physicians. It is worth noting that to this date 188 hunger strikers have gone to the Iraqi clinic at Camp Liberty for physical problems stemming from the hunger strike.

camp Liberty hunger strike - day 26
camp Liberty hunger strike – day 26

In a letter to Senator Menendez, one of the hunger strikers wrote , “I am an engineer with a master’s degree from Virginia University and I am currently on hunger strike in Camp Liberty…. Our main focus is on the release of the hostages. This issue is being delayed because with every second that passes the possibility that they will be returned to the vicious Iranian regime increases… Everyone knows that Iraqi forces have these hostages in their custody… However, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki denies this. This is very horrible and it means that he wants to extradite the hostages to Iran. The question us now is why are UN and US government remaining silent about crimes of Iraqi government? 52 of our relatives and best friends who we lived with for years lost their lives in this crime and 7 others remain as prisoners in the hands of the criminals. We will do anything for the release of these hostages and bringing these criminals to justice, even if the price is our own lives.”