Shahabeh Barooti, whose mother was abducted by Iraqi government during the September 1 attack on camp Ashraf, has written a letter to US ambassador in Iraq to put pressure on Maliki to release her mother, and she asked “Camp Ashraf Massacre” to post her letter for public attention. Following is her letter

Shahabeh Barooti, resident of camp Liberty
Shahabeh Barooti, resident of camp Liberty

Dear Ambassador Beecroft

It is now September 25th and I still have no confirmation of my mother’s location from the US Embassy in Iraq or about seeing her.

You will have seen UN’s statement and my worries are also related to theirs “As three weeks have now passed, the Office reiterated its call on the Government to do its utmost to shed light on exactly what happened on 1 September“.

I hope the delay in revealing conditions of the 7 hostages does not have to mean as family members we should have to imagine them being forced back to Iran.

My mother also had refugee status in France other than being given protected person card by US Army in 2003. I am sure you find it important, as her only child, to be directly informed of what progress has been made with the Iraqi government to declare their full and safe release.

Iraqi government is holding them and you should press them hard to release my mother and other hostages.


Shahabeh Barooti

Camp Liberty, Iraq

September 25, 2013