On January 22, cities and villages throughout the country witnessed protests by the fed up people and rising youth against the criminal and corrupt regime of the Velayat-e faqih:

  1. At 11:00 PM, following the speech of Rouhani, the phoney President of the regime, a number of young people with the slogans of “Lies have no effect,” “Reformist, hardliner, the game in now over,” protested in the Vanak Square in Tehran, towards the Valiasr Square, on the streets of Jayhoun and Kamali. Groups of the Revolutionary Guards and Basijis came to the site and attacked the gatherings. In cyberspace, people were mocking Rouhani’s deceptive promises by widely exposing his lies.

  1. On Monday afternoon, the action of the policemen in the village of Delgan in Iranshahr (Sistan and Baluchestan province) to run over a young motorcyclist brought the protest of the people. Police fired to disperse the people. Following that, police officers raided the house of a village elder to arrest a father and son. The struggle of the people, especially the brave women, with the mercenaries was drawn into conflict. Two women were wounded and taken to the Khatam-al-Anbia hospital in Iranshahr due to direct shootings by mercenaries. The repressive police force prevent the entry of relatives of these wounded women to hospital and visiting them. The indignant Baloch youth and people attacked the Delgan police station in protest to these repressions. Police mercenaries hid in fear of the people. People gathered until sunset at the station.
  2. The basement and the mechanical room of the “Seminary” of Mullah Sadooghi, in Yazd, which is a centre of suppression in the city, was burnt by the youth. According to Mullah Taha Mohammadi, Friday prayer Imam of Hamedan and the representative of Khamenei in this city, the offices of 60 government clerics were attacked during the uprising. On Friday night of January 19, the mullahs “seminary” was set on fire by angry young people on Qazvin’s Peyghambar street.
  3. In Qom, two government clerics who were active in suppressing the people were attacked by young people near the city’s Martyrs intersection, and their car was set on fire.
  4. In Shiraz, people set the patrol vehicle of the crackdown agents of the municipality on fire. The regime’s repressive agents continually attack and harass those who are deprived of their lives and confiscate their property and arrest and punish these poor people.
  5. Metro staff and subcontractors gathered in Tehran to protest against non-payment of one-year wage and their claims in front of the Tehran City Council.
  6. A group of young people at night in the park called Nahj ol-Balagheh in Tehran chanted “Allah-o-Akbar”. They called on others to participate in this protest movement by sounding horn.
  7. The plundered Alborz Iranians Institute gathered in Tehran‘s Argentina square to receive their plundered capital.
  8. Contractors of Tehran Telecommunication Company, whose claims and wages have not been paid for six months protested in front of the telecommunications company.
  9. Workers of the Foumanat Spinning and Knitting Company in Tehran, affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Mines, gathered in protest against unpaid salaries, as well as the sale and transfer of the company to a person who did not qualify to run the company.
  10. Workers of the Traverse Railway Company in Tehran and West Azarbaijan organized a protest rally in front of the parliament in Tehran.
  11. Villagers and dairy farmers of Darreh Charm in South Khorasan Province refused to pay electricity bills in protest to increasing pressures and exorbitant electricity bills. Instead of addressing the dilemma of these deprived people, the regime’s predatory agents have threatened to cut the electricity of the village.
  12. In Yazd, 300 education staff protested against the non-payment of their salaries a arrears for 10 months in front of the provincial governorate with the slogan of “Education Shame, Shame”. The intelligence agents of the regime and plainclothes agents besieged them.
  13. In the Ludab area of Boyer Ahmed, a group of people blocked the road in protest to the lack of proper road and the intensification of traffic problems.
  14. In Khorramshahr, soap workers protesting a five-year-old defect and non-payment of their salaries during this time, protested in front of the Jameh Mosque.
  15. In Mashhad, truckers (Concrete and Mixers owners) protested the fact that truck rental rates remained stable over the past five years despite the sharp rise in prices, in particular the seven-fold increase in fuel prices.
  16. Investors of Caspian (Badr Toos) held a protest rally in front of the office of this state scammer corporation against the plundering of their property in Mashhad.
  17. In Chah Bahar, street vendors and merchants of the traditional city market gathered after the midnight attack by the municipality’s agents to their small outlets and their transfer to the traditional market.
  18. In Sirjan, a large number of workers and employees of Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Company went on strike in protest of low basic salaries and other benefits.
  19. Lent factory workers (Razmehr Company) in Khorramabad gathered in front of the the city’s labor office to protest two months business limbo and failing to pay their 9 months’ salary.

On January 21, protests continued in various cities of the country, including:

  1. A group of personnel and workers from the cement factory of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province gathered in protest against the firing of workers and lack of job security in front of Shahrekord governorate.
  2. Workers at all units of the Bu-Ali Sina petrochemical contracting company in Mahshahr went on hunger strike following the failure of their talks with the company’s executives.
  3. In Dehlorans, the dismissed cement workers protested their ruthless firing.
  4. In Karaj, employees of the Traverse Railway Company prevented the movement of the passenger train in protest to non-payment of their low salaries and benefits for four months.

26. Burning the image of Khomeini in the vicinity of his grave and writing the slogans “Death to Khamenei”; “Death to the dictator” on the walls of different cities are among other activities of young people in the corners of the country. The clerical regime, fearful of the spread of writing slogans on the walls, has threatened paint shop owners and ordered them to register the ID of the spray paint shoppers.