By Parvin Moshtari

I am an Iranian. A dictatorship is ruling my country. The fundamentalism ayatollahs have brought nothing but poverty and destruction in Iran. During the past 35 years the ayatollahs dark rule has executed tens of thousands of Iranians for political reasons, while millions of others have been viciously repressed. There is only one reason for all this: the ayatollahs can continue their rule only through crackdown and hangings on a daily basis. Women are especially targeted by this fundamentalism regime and they have been discriminated two-fold. Just a glance at the news from Iran gives us a clear indication: widespread political crackdown, escalating costs for daily goods, corruption, poverty and executions are skyrocketing in Iran.

However, it has been proven these days that religious extremism, with Tehran being its Godfather, is not a dilemma just for Iran. This religious fundamentalism has now turned into a threat for all countries of the region and world peace. Therefore, what we are asking from the world is to stop its rapprochement and appeasement vis-à-vis the ayatollahs in Iran. Instead, stand alongside the Iranian Resistance to bring an end to this fundamentalism and terrorism in the region and the world.

The Iranian Resistance, led by President-elect Maryam Rajavi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, is the only hope for the Iranian people to one day reach democracy. As a Muslim woman, she is the answer to the ayatollahs’ fundamentalism and misogynist ideology. Each year her movement has been staging a major rally in Paris, being the voice of the Iranian people. This year the Iranian diaspora will be gathering in Paris on June 13 to cry out for freedom and democracy.