By Fateme  parsa

While dressing the wounds on Sara’s hand, she was, herself, wounded by a gunshot. I rushed to Camp Ashraf hospital to see her. I could not recognize her at first sight as she was hit in the head. Each tick of the clock was a reminder that we could lose her.


The determinant face she always wore gave me hope that she would overcome this as well. Doctors were disappointed to save her. “There is nothing we can do” was one of the doctors’ answer to my persistence. She was still breathing. I had a feeling she could hear me. I almost yelled at her,” I don’t believe you are leaving us. We promised to stand side by side.” All my excitements were stifled moments later when I felt she had her last breath. It meant the end for her and for me. I got close to her face., wiped the blood off her face, kissed her chick and said ,” No it’s mpt the end . it’s, actually, the beginning”. “We’ll continue your path”.

Shahnaz was a nurse when she joined the National Liberation Army and became a member of PMOI. She was a brilliant woman who laid her life for freedom of her people.

While working in hospitals inside Iran She witnessed the pain and sufferings of Iranian women. Her commitment to take freedom to those women in Iran made her join the PMOI. She was brave enough to realize that reaching this goal needs a lot of sacrifice. She wanted all the good things for the others and didn’t want to see another woman be bothered by the agents of Iranian regime. We will let her wishes come true.

And now Iranian women’s cry for freedom is heard from different parts of Iran. Along with them Iranian men and women outside their country will gather this June in Paris to listen to a devoted Moslem woman, Maryam Rajavi.

World’s many distinguished celebrities consider Maryam Rajavi a remedy for the threats mad by the dictators ruling Iran to global peace and security.