By hamidreza Zarei

I was thinking to myself. I was trying to figure out the differences that will exist between Iranians gathering this year with the one of the past year. Politically, situation has changed a lot. That is a fact and the regime in Iran is now facing many internal and external crises. Rounds of revelations by the Iranian resistance have entangled the Iranian regime in an atomic pitfall. An atomic ambition which was supposed to save them from downfall has now become the subject of harsh internal disputes between different factions.  Trying to find his way out, Khamenei changes his words every day.

Regional countries have now realized the necessity of combat against fundamentalism, symbolized in the clerical regime of Iran, have joined to form their front. Iran’s proxies such as its terrorist Quds force are receiving big blows everywhere. In Iraq they had a drastic defeat when many of them were killed in the Iraqi people’s uprising. In Yemen they are under the bombardments of Saudi alliance forces while in Syria the liberation army is advancing every day, pushing Assad forces back city after city.

In spite of its harsh repression, the Iranian regime is faced with unrests in different different parts of the country. Workers, religious and ethnic minorities, and above all teachers in 31 provinces, have risen for their rights. The regime commits more and more atrocities every day to suppress the people.

By Increasing public executions and savage repression of youth and women, regime has not able to stifle, on the contrary, the unrests are rising.  All these years the clerical regime has smothered the voice of people of Iran, in particular, women and minorities. They need us to be their voices by supporting the democratic alternative to the regime and its symbol of hope, Maryam Rajavi. This year’s gathering is the echo of all oppressed people of Iran. It is, therefore our duty to do our best for this Rally. This is a fight to bring about democracy to our beloved country Iran and to advocate a free non-nuclear Iran. Our slogan is: “we must and we can” June 13th, 2015 villpante Paris, fundamentalism will only be defeated by supporting Iranian people’s resistance.