While the Iraqi people are under pressure and violation of human rights on a daily basis, but they express their outrage on the attacks against Camp Liberty residents. Following are excerpts from statements issued by different Iraqi dignitaries and associations yesterday.

It is worth reminding that during the previous years, nearly 10 million Iraqi citizens, including Sunni, Shiites, and Kurds have expressed their support for the presence of PMOI in Iraq in different letters and statements, and have considered them as their guests and their allies in countering the destructive meddling of the Iranian regime in Iran.

Organization for Cooperation for Human Rights in Iraq, “we condemn the criminal missile attack on Liberty. We strongly call on the United Nations and the US government to stand by their legal obligations and their commitments for the safety and security of Liberty residents.”

Society for Democratic Women of Iraq; “It was the 4th missile attack on Liberty. We do not accept any aggression on our guests. United Nations and the US government should arrange for the security of the residents to prevent further attacks. Enough with words, it is time to act.”

Society for Intellectual women of Iraq; “Importing missiles into a military zone just next to Baghdad international airport can only be achieved through the full cooperation of security forces. We emphasize that United Nations and, especially, the US government should guarantee the security and safety of Liberty residents. They must immediately act for the security of the residents.”

Youth society of Iraq; “we are witnessing terrorist activities in Iraq today. The blood of innocent people is shed daily by the agents of Iranian regime. Killing 112 and injuring 1000 of Mujahedin, in consecutive attacks and abducting 7 Mujaheds are some of the assaults committed against the Iranian opposition based in Iraq. They are ‘Protected Persons’ under the 4th Geneva Convention. United Nations and US should intervene to arrange for their security. This is their legal obligation.”