Copy+of+300x250+Editorial+the+times+editorial+xgold+2012In order to cover up its involvement in attacks on Liberty Residents, Maliki’s government presented a man named Watheg al-Battat as the perpetrator of rocket attacks against Camp Liberty.

On Thursday, January 2, Government of Iraq reported the arrest of Watheq al-Battat, commander of the fictitious Al- Mukhtar Army. If this is not merely a farce, then interrogating him who himself has assumed responsibility for the rocket attack on Camp Liberty has to be conducted in presence of residents’ representatives, especially that the Iranian Resistance is quite well informed of the condition of Iranian regime’s paid hands in Iraq and has previously published a list of 32000 of them.

As Iraqi media have reported, Al- Mukhtar Army announced its foundation only five days prior to the first rocket attack on Camp Liberty emphasizing its support for the central government in the battle against “corruption and terrorist organizations”. A few hours after announcing its existence, it staged a military parade at the Sana’a Club in Baghdad that its security was provided by the Iraqi army and police. As reported by credible Arab media, Mukhtar alludes to Maliki; and groups affiliated with Maliki call him the “Mukhtar of the time”. On 8 July 2013, Iraq’s Al-Tagheer television broadcast a video where Battat said: “His party is supporting the government with all its power because it has facilitated their passage to Syria”; therefore, “we need to abide by government’s orders”.