December 26: Camp Liberty under missile attack by Iraqi forces for the fourth time in 2013
December 26: Camp Liberty under missile attack by Iraqi forces for the fourth time in 2013

The Iranian regime’s intelligence has declared the present circumstances in Iraq as an “exceptional opportunity for Iraq to concurrently annihilate PMOI” members in Camp Liberty.

The acknowledgment of the criminal intent by the Iranian regime’s intelligence comes as the Iranian Resistance, in its January 7 and 8 statements, has already disclosed plans by the Iranian regime and Iraqi government to take advantage of current circumstances in Iraq to massacre Camp Liberty residents.

A well-known branch of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), Habilian, while publishing some preposterous lies about PMOI in its website, such as PMOI has sabotaged “efforts by Iraq’s central government to fight terrorism” concludes that “it is necessary for government of Iraq that concurrent with efforts to destroy al-Qaeda terrorists, seriously think about the important and exceptional opportunity for drying out the root for support of PMOI of these terrorists”.

“Doubtless, the fight against terrorism in Iraq, in addition to an inclusive and thorough assault against terrorists and destruction of their sites and bases, should also include targeting their financial resources, dwellings, media and propaganda networks,” the Habilian Website wrote on 8 January 2014.

The Iranian Resistance had disclosed in its January 7 and 8 statements:

– At the directives of Qasem Soleimani, the Commander of the terrorist Qods Force, in order to justify an attack on PMOI (MEK), in Iraqi government’s propaganda, PMOI ought to be charged with having links to terrorism, al-Qaeda and Daesh.

– A considerable number of Qods Force officers have arrived at Baghdad Airport with heat-seeking missiles.
– Once again, in coordination with government of Iraq, the Qods Force is poised to attack Camp Liberty with more rockets both in numbers and power. In the December 26 attack, 240mm rockets had been employed with an explosive and destructive power 20 times that of 107mm rockets that had been used in the three attacks prior to it.

– Coordination for transfer of the new rockets and their launch pads was done by Maliki’s National Security Advisor organ.

– Soleimani has asked Maliki to use the Golden (Dirty) Division, Asa’ibAhl al-Haq and SWAT forces who were involved in the September 1 attack on Ashraf by putting on them “Daesh” uniforms to carry out a raid and massacre of residents of Camp Liberty and Sunni districts of Baghdad.

– Maliki has ordered forces from SWAT and the Dirty Division whose officers are from groups under the command of the Qods Force, to get stationed near Camp Liberty and in case conditions turn critical act against PMOI.

Acknowledgements by mullahs’ intelligence, as well as information disclosed by the Iranian Resistance, leave no ambiguity about the intent of the Iranian regime and Maliki’s government to create another greater bloodbath. Iraqi forces’ obstruction of provision of imperative security requirements in Camp Liberty betrays the real objectives of this government. These imperative requirements are: return of 17500 T-walls, provision of adequate number of 2×2 meter concrete bunkers, transfer of protective helmets and vests and medical equipment from Ashraf to Camp Liberty, double-layering of container roofs, recognition of the right to construction in Liberty, and increasing the area of the camp to bring down the casualties.

In order to avert another massacre, the Iranian Resistance is calling for immediate intervention by the U.S. President and Secretaries of State and Defense, the UN Secretary-General, the High Commissioner for Refugees and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the High Representative of the European Union for provision of imperative security requirements and deployment of UN observers and a team of Blue Helmets, on a round-the-clock basis, inside Camp Liberty.