Miss. Zeinab Jalalian, born in 1982, was arrested on March 10, 2008 at the age of 25 by the Kermanshah Intelligence Department in western Iran. In December 2009 she was sentenced to death on the charges of “moharebe (enmity against God) through membership in the PJAK group” in a court hearing that lasted only a few minutes behind closed doors, and without having any legal representation.

The ruling issued was then upheld by the Supreme Court.
According to media reports, the court order issued against her on November 20, 2011 was decreased to life in jail. However, she has yet to be informed of this new ruling. Prior to this on the day she was arrested Jalalian was attacked by security agents on the Kermanshah-Sanandaj highway. She was transferred to an intelligence detention center in Kermanshah at gunpoint.
During the course of her detention Jalalian was for a period of one month placed under the most atrocious physical and psychological torture.
This Kurdish political prisoner was transferred to the “Correction Center of Diesel Abad Prison in Kermanshah” to humiliate her. She spent 7 years in this facility.
During her arrest and the severe torture afterwards Jalalian always suffered from problems in her vision and was in constant pain.
This political prisoner had prior to this been sent by officials to a private clinic in Kermanshah for medical treatment, and her family was forced to provide the expenses.
To this day this political prisoner has been kept behind bars without even one day of medical leave.
Sometime later state agents mentioned the names of Shirin Alam Houli, Farhad Vakili, Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydarian and Mehdi Islami (all executed by the Iranian regime) in an attempt to place psychological pressure on Zeinab and her family, and to force her to succumb to their demands to “confess” in a TV interview. However, she refused and protested her family being summoned to Tehran for meetings in Hotel Esteghlal of the Iranian capital, a known base of the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS/VEVAK).
In December 2014 Jalalian was transferred to Khuy Prison without her family or lawyer being previously informed. She is currently held in exile in this facility.
Based on the latest reports from informed sources, she has currently lost vision in both of her eyes due to the illness that she never received any medical treatment for.
This young prison has during the past 9 years been severely beaten many times, including interrogations with her hands and feet in chains, cable lashes to her feet and being threatened with rape.