Kohandel, a political prisoner currently held in a notorious prison in Iran has written a letter marking March 8th, International Woman’s Day to his daughter, Paria, who managed to secretly exit Iran last year and join the main Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

“I congratulate my daughter, Paria, and niece, Zahra, and all your colleagues from inside the dungeons of the fundamentalist mullahs’ prisons. I say loud and clear: Thousands and thousands of salutations to you for choosing such a beautiful path and said no to the reactionary culture of the mullahs… congratulations to you

Of course, I was certain that none of the chains and restrictions of their culture could not keep you in their grasps. About me, don’t be worried because I have placed my entire cause to you, my spirit is with you and only my physical body is imprisoned by the inhumane mullahs, which itself is not very important. Now the mullahs’ regime is seeking to decay my body in solitary confinement, hang me like [PMOI member] Mr. Saremi, or suspicious have me murdered like my heroic friend, Shahrokh Zamani.

My girl, Paria, on such a beautiful day (International Women’s Day), which the misogynist mullahs cannot even tolerate as their ancestors buried girls alive and now they are splashing acid on innocent women’s faces, I am asking you to on my behalf congratulate those who are struggling for the freedom and liberation of Iranian women from the fundamentalist mullahs. It doesn’t matter what religion they may believe in.

And to those appeasing the mullahs, tell them to not waste their time because the future is ours and the mullahs will be defeated.

May victory be yours

Saleh Kohandel
Gohardasht Prison of Karaj – March 20 16