Camp Liberty in vicinity of Baghdad International Airport is home to thousands of Iranian dissidents, including nearly 1000 women, members of People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). The Mullahs in Iran have found PMOI their most threatening enemy. Fear of this most structured organization, capable of overthrowing the regime, has made Iranian authorities, such as Khamenei and Rouhani, to direct their proxies in Iraq “to make life intolerable for them”.
PMOI women protest in camp liberty
Women members of PMOI, residents at Camp Liberty, try to get their voice to the responsible authorities
Apart from logistics and medical blockade, the Iraqi intelligence agents, loyal to Iranian regime, are pursuing the same scenarios that ended with bloody massacres in Camp Ashraf. More than 100 residents of Camp Ashraf, former home of Camp Liberty residents were slain and many injured in attacks ordered by Nouri Maliki. Having not been able to get rid of the residents by terrorist Para military attacks, Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) thought of a new filthy trick, bringing its agents disguised as residents ‘families.

An Iranian opposition news Agency, Harana, reported on August 26 2015 that Iranian citizen Maryam Akbari Monfared 40, with no former political activities, was arrested in 2009 for “ making telephone conversations” with her family members who were in Camp Ashraf. She was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and has spent the past six years in jail. Mrs. Akbar’s two brothers have already been executed for cooperating with Iranian opposition MEK while another brother and a sister were put to death during 1988 massacre
Monday September 14th was the third time in a week that these mercenaries were brought to Camp Liberty. They spent the entire day outside the Camp chanting slogans and threatening residents. These mercenaries were transferred by minibus to the police station at Camp Liberty’s entrance by the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad and the Governmental Committee that works under Iraq’s National Security Advisor Faleh Fayyad. There they chanted threatening slogans at the residents, while taking photographic and video footage from a high altitude and throwing stones. These agents could not have passed through the several checkpoints on their way to Camp Liberty without prior coordination with Iraq’s security institutions. It indicates the Iranian regime’s intentions to bring about another bloodbath at Camp Liberty.
The tactics employed here by the Iranian regime are not unknown to the camp’s residents. In the years 2010 and 2011; the Iranian regime brought similar persons claiming they were residents’ families and stationed them in places near Camp Ashraf. Protected by Maliki’s forces the mercenaries kept themselves busy psychologically torturing the residents day and night with 320 loudspeakers. The same Iraqi intelligence officers who still control Camp liberty were directing mercenaries.
On Wednesday June 10, MOIS websites acknowledged the transfer of these hirelings to Camp Liberty and hideously threatened the residents and reported “the first night of sit-in of families in front of Liberty Transit Camp”. On this day, IRNA state run news agency reported in an article titled “Families again try to see their children and relatives in Liberty” reminded the transfer of the hirelings to Liberty in April 2015 and their meetings and coordination with Iraq’s Minister of Human Rights (affiliated with the Iranian QF) revealing the main objective behind these repeated theatrics: “Iraqis have filed charges in the judicial courts of that country
Residents at Camp Liberty have shown their worriment to the movement of Iranian regime’s agents near the camp. “They come here with Iraqi army units escorting them, while our real families, lawyers and even Iraqi friends cannot come near the camp.”, Said one of the residents. US Senator Robert Torricelli, legal representative of the residents, did not get permission, last year, to enter the camp and talk to his clients.
Former MEP Mr. Struan Stevenson in a statement on September 7, 2015 said: “As the President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq at that time, I raised this matter (presence of the MOIS agents at the gates of Camp Ashraf) with UN and US officials in Baghdad, Brussels and Erbil and I addressed the matter in numerous telephone calls and correspondence. I was repeatedly assured that if the residents vacated Ashraf and moved to Camp Liberty, such aggressive activities against them would cease.”
MOIS agents chanting threatening slogans at the residents

Alejo Vidal Quadras, former vice president of the European Parliament and head of the International Committee of “In Search of justice” (ISJ) has called Prime Minister Ebadi, the United Nations and the US government to keep the Iranian regime’s agents away from Camp Liberty to prevent another blood bath.