The new round of harassment and psychological torture against Liberty residents by dispatching Iranian regime agents and having them stationed at Liberty’s entrance on different days began on Monday, 7 September 2015. Under the guise of requesting family visits with the residents, they have begun actually chanting slogans against the residents, hurling stones and initiating other provocative measures.

The residents and their representatives have during the past week continuously called on the US government, UNAMI and UNHCR to ask the Iraqi government to stop the transfer of these Iranian regime agents to Camp Liberty. These measures remind us of a similar process back in Ashraf that started February 2010, with the psychological torture of the residents through 320 powerful loudspeakers installed by these agents all around Ashraf. These measures continued and on 1 September 2013 rendered the massacre of 52 residents and the abduction of 7 other residents.

1. Why is it strongly mentioned that these individuals are handpicked by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS)?
From 2009 no individual other than those specifically handpicked by the MOIS, including the residents’ family members, lawyers or political and human rights personalities were allowed to meet with Ashraf and Liberty residents.

• In 2009 even US Congressmen were not allowed into Ashraf (Remarks made by Congressmen Ted Poe and Dana Rohrabacher are attached – Attachment 1)
• From 2009, thousands of Iranians and residents family members, whose list is available and have time and again requested to visit Ashraf and Liberty to see their loved ones, were never allowed at all. A list of 20 family members who had recently filed requests and their names were provided to the US Embassy representative on September 9th never received visas to enter Iraq.
• Some of the named agents have claimed to have relatives in Liberty. However, those residents that they seek to meet in Liberty emphasize that despite their family relations with these individuals, first things first these individuals are all MOIS and Quds Force agents, and they have come to Liberty with other objectives in mind.
• Therefore, there are two fundamental questions hovering over this case and literally a truck load of facts and evidence proving that they have been organized by the MOIS. For example, the father and sister of Mehran Karimdadi, one of the agents who was brought to Liberty on September 10th along with other MOIS agents was actually the ringleader of that scene, are currently in Liberty. While he had come to Ashraf and joined the PMOI with a number of his family members, Karimdadi left Iraq in April 2003 and went to the Iranian regime, and was immediately hired by the MOIS. He was one of the main elements and ringleaders of the 23-month long psychological torture campaign back in Ashraf. The Iranian Resistance has time and again exposed this agent’s cooperation with the Iranian regime. His father and sister are in Liberty. Their letter to Mr. Ján Kubiš, UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq regarding this individual’s services to the Iranian regime is attached. (Attachment 2)
• The statement issued by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) regarding this issue is also attached. (Enclosure 3)

• The mother of one these Iranian regime agents, who has been transferred from Iran to Camp Liberty, explains the status quo:
• “First the MOIS rallied, in five days, 15 individuals in the city of Mashhad to be transferred to Iraq and Camp Liberty. My son was amongst this group. Then the MOIS representative transferred the group with a bus to the Mehran border crossing on the Iran-Iraq border. There another group from Khuzestan Province joined them with their own bus and an MOIS agent transferred them all together to Iraq. The Iranian regime’s embassy representative welcomed them in Iraq. The costs of the commuting, hotel rooms and all their expenses were paid for by the Nejat Society (a MOIS branch).”
• Another individual by the name of Massoud Dalili Dakhel(Bahman Afraze) Was in Ashraf, yet he left the camp in September 2011 and went to the Iraqi forces. He was transferred to Baghdad’s Hotel Mohajer and recruited by the MOIS and Quds Force. This individual was the guide of the attacking Iraqi forces during the 1 September 2013 raid in Ashraf. If this agent – with his knowledge of the conditions in Ashraf – wasn’t at the scene to provide the guide the attackers needed, the number of residents killed would have been much less than 52. To destroy any evidence of their crimes, the criminal assailants killed this agent after the attack and even burned his face with acid to prevent his identification.

2. Who is organizing these individuals and dispatching them to Camp Liberty?
These individuals have said quite publicly on many occasions that the MOIS is sending them and Tehran’s MOIS has actually accepted the responsibility of dispatching these individuals and gone as far as publicly announcing that to this day 10,000 visits have been arranged for these agents under the pretext of family visits. (Attachment 4)

3. What is the Iranian regime’s objective in all this?
The objective has been experienced once before in Ashraf. The Iranian regime’s initial objective in transferring these types of individuals under the guise of family visits is to launch a psychological war and “white torture” against the residents. A legal opinions by François Serres, the executive director of the International Committee of Jurists in Defense of Ashraf (ICJDA), explains the situation in this regard (Attachment 5) The final scene is very clear: killing 52 people execution style with their hands tied behind their backs (Photo is attached) and also abducting the residents, as seen in the 1 September 2013 massacre in Ashraf where 7 of the residents were taken hostage. (Attachment 6)

4. Conclusion
The conclusion is that one must ask the Iraqi government and Faleh Fayyad, the National Security Advisor and head of the Ashraf crackdown committee who is passing these individuals through the numerous checkpoints and bringing them to Liberty, and is attempting to place a number of old men and women in the front rows in order to cloak the actual objectives only seen behind the curtains. The following URL is of a clip showing just some of the truth behind all this:

This clip shows these MOIS-Quds Force agents threatening to destroy Ashraf and kill all the residents. These individuals were also stationed outside of Ashraf under the guise of seeking family visits with the residents.