Today morning, April 9, number of residents from Camp Liberty, located at the BIAP, Baghdad, that is residency for members of PMOI, participated in a protest. They protested against illegal arrest of one of residents by the name of Safar Zakery and the extension of his detention that is taken hostages by the investigation judge under false pretense.

In the morning of Monday, 16 March 2015, Mr. Safar Zakery, who is a Camp Liberty septic truck driver and a member of PMOI and resident in Camp Liberty, while he was accompanied by an Iraqi police officer in the truck, his truck was hit by an Iraqi SWAT unit HUMVEE that was driving at over admissible speed limit, on his way back to the camp and the traffic police announced that the HUVMEE driver was responsible for the crash. Despite of Safar Zakery being innocent, the investigation judge from Kerkh court by the name of Nasser Moussavi referred Mr. Zakery’s case file to the Iranian embassy in an illegal act and extended his detention after 25 days of arrest and while he is an Iranian political refugees and is recognized as a “person of concern” by UNHCR.

What concerns the residents most is referring Mr. Safar Zakeri’s file to the Iranian embassy by the investigation judge from Karkh court. One of the residents said that this is contrary to the international laws and the USA and United Nations morally and legally hold responsibility for the safety and security of the entire residents and they should ask Iraqi government to let Mr. Zakeri free immediately by their urgent action.