On Friday, September 5, on the 25th day of the intensification of the anti-human siege on Camp Liberty, the Iraqi forces under Maliki’s command once again obstructed entry of a fuel tanker to Camp Liberty and returned it to the entrance of airport area.

This is while the Iraqi government blocks connection of Camp Liberty electricity to the national grid although all camp’s infrastructures, public services, and cooling systems are dependent on power generated by camp’s electric generators. In the past 25 days, just four fuel tankers have been allowed into the camp which is less than 10% of the necessary fuel.

On this same day, the Iraqi forces also continued to bar entry of three vehicles carrying foodstuff that have been stopped at camp’s entrance since Wednesday, September 3. This foodstuff include flour for daily baking of bread, foodstuff that rot, and vegetables that would quickly decompose if kept at the camp’s entrance and would no longer be usable.

The Iranian Resistance underscores that depriving a population of fuel, food and medicine is a blatant case of crime against humanity and it reminds the repeated and written commitments by the United Nations and the United States government concerning the security and well-being of Camp Liberty residents and it calls for urgent action for ending the criminal siege on Camp Liberty and the free access of residents to essential goods and services, including fuel, food, medicine and medical services.