Upon orders by Ali Khamenei, the clerical regime in Iran has tasked Iraqi government of Nouri al-Maliki to impose an all out blockade against Iranians in Camp Liberty

The Iranian regime has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons and ammunition to the Iraqi government of Nouri al-Maliki in violation of UN Security Council resolutions by taking advantage of the his last weeks in office as Iraqi Prime Minister, credible reports from inside Iran obtained by the Iranian Resistance reveals.

The sales are based on an accord in clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1747 banning ‘export/procurement of any arms and related materiel from Iran’ was reached during a visit to Baghdad by the Iranian regime’s foreign minister on August 24, 2014.

During the same visit, Javad Zarif expressed his regime’s gratitude to Nouri al-Maliki for helping mullahs skirt the international sanctions.

According to the documents, in the recent months, in meeting held with Iraqi officials in Baghdad and Tehran, upon orders by Ali Khamenei and directives issued by the Iranian regime’s Supreme Security Council, the Iraqi government of Nouri al-Maliki has been tasked by the regime’s foreign ministry, Ministry of Intelligence and Security, terrorist Quds Force, and the regime’s embassy in Baghdad, to intensify all out pressure on the PMOI (MEK) in Camp Liberty. These documents and reports are readily presentable to any impartial body.

Imposing new pressures and restrictions on the resident of Camp Liberty was among the issues that Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of regime’s Supreme Security Council, and Qasem Suleimani, Commander of the Quds Force, and their entourage discussed with Maliki and Faleh Fayyaz, as well as other people in the Iraqi Prime Ministry in Baghdad on July 18, 2014.

Moreover, in meetings with the staff of Maliki’s office and the Iraqi prime ministry committee tasked to suppress Camp Liberty residents, Javad Zarif and his accompanying delegation that included members of the regime’s Supreme Security Council and Quds Force, measures aimed at intensifying the siege on the camp were discussed and reviewed in details.

It was in these meetings that the Iranian regime asked the Iraqi officials to block the entry of fuel to Camp Liberty and to impose severe restrictions on entry of food, as well as the transfer of camp’s patients to hospitals in Baghdad for receiving medical services.

Based on the documents, the regime’s leaders told Iraqi officials that carrying out numerous massacres against the residents and imprisoning them in Camp Liberty as well as measures taken by former UN representative in Iraq, Martin Kobler, have failed to annihilate the PMOI (MEK) and to force them to surrender to the clerical regime and return to Iran. Therefore, only a comprehensive blockade which includes denying them receiving fuel, food, water, and medicine as well as denying them having access to essential necessities and medical services would bring them to their knees.

Following the talks, first the Iraqi officials increased their hampering in taking Camp Liberty patients to the hospitals and later began to stonewall entry of fuel and food such that since August 13 only less than 10% of the needed fuel has been allowed into Camp Liberty.

According to these documents, in return, the clerical regime has committed itself to support the interests of Maliki and his associates, and to try to have him and his inner circle appointed to positions in the next government in order to help them escape prosecution and punishment inside Iraq and at the international level.