Wasting time and bargaining during nuclear negotiations is the mullahs’ only mode of operation; they will let up only when confronted with firmness

• In light of the regional circumstances, Khamenei wants to maintain the regime’s nuclear infrastructure and capability for acquiring the bomb

• The international community must pursue the full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions by the clerical regime

The President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, has described the fruitless Vienna negotiations and the regime’s refusal to accept a comprehensive agreement that could permanently prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon as a failure for the policy of appeasing and showing latitude towards the regime.

In her remarks, Mrs. Rajavi once again reiterated: The religious dictatorship has been forced to take one step back as a result of being domestically isolated and internationally rejected and placed under sanctions. However, “the international community’s weakness, delays, and compromises” will enable Khamenei to once again resort to deception and duplicity. Therefore, in the future, as has been the case in the past, the extent to which the regime retreats from its positions, gives up its drive to acquire nuclear weapons, and complies with international obligations will depend on the degree of firmness and resolve on the part of the international community against the regime’s sinister objectives and deceptive tactics. The full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions, particularly a complete halt of uranium enrichment, acceptance of the Additional Protocol, and securing of free access to IAEA inspectors to the regime’s suspicious nuclear installations and sites would be prerequisites of abandoning the pursuit of the bomb by the regime.


Mrs. Rajavi said that the fact that the regime refrains from accepting a comprehensive agreement shows that it is at a strategic impasse and fears the devastating consequences of giving up its nuclear projects. Mrs. Rajavi added: Had the mullahs been determined enough, six months would have been more than enough time to reach a comprehensive agreement. But over the past 10 years, the clerical regime has consistently used negotiations as a tactic for buying more time. Such stall tactics coupled with endless bargaining during marathon negotiations is the mullahs’ modus operandi. They do not take anything seriously except the language of firmness and strength.


In light of the regional circumstances, Khamenei wants to keep the regime’s nuclear infrastructure intact and to leave open the door towards acquiring a nuclear weapon by the regime. The international community must push for the full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions by the clerical regime. Extending the negotiations will achieve nothing except giving the mullahs more time to continue their deception. The mullahs should absolutely not be allowed to take advantage of the element of time. Moreover, the nuclear negotiations should include holding the religious fascism ruling Iran accountable for its flagrant human rights violations in Iran and genocide in Syria and Iraq. The pursuit of nuclear weapons, human rights abuses, and the export of terrorism and fundamentalism are the three pillars of the velayat-e faqih system (absolute rule of the clergy).