4 Iraqi merchants turned back from Camp Liberty entrance after several hours delay

In the past months 75 merchants gone to Liberty to buy Ashraf property have been turned back

NCRI – On Wednesday, 23 July 2014, four Iraqi merchants who had referred to Camp Liberty to discuss purchase of residents’ property in Ashraf were not allowed to enter the camp and were turned back by the Iraqi Prime Ministry agents under the command of Ahmed Khozair after they were stalled at Camp Liberty’s entrance checkpoint for several hours in the scorching weather in the month of Ramadan. This is while the specifications of these merchants had been given to Iraqi agents and UNAMI in advance. Thus, in the recent months, at least 75 Iraqi merchants who had gone to Camp Liberty to purchase the property in Ashraf have been turned back.

The joint plan of the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy in Iraq dated September 5, 2013 that has been approved by the Iraqi government emphasizes: “The GOI [Government of Iraq] shall allow the residents to sell their property at any time” and “GOI shall safeguard and guarantee all Ashraf property”.

Obstructing entry of Iraqi merchants to Camp Liberty for the purchase of the property in Ashraf is the other side of the coin of systematic and large-scale plunder of this property by the Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf at the Prime Ministry, Maliki’s national security apparatus, and the Commander of 9 Badr Corps (Badr Organization) Hadi Ameri.

According to the June 27, July 1, and July 16 statements of the Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance, 400 Toyota Jeep Land Cruisers have been stolen from Ashraf by the orders of Hadi Ameri to be used for forming Badr divisions once again. The locks on large warehouses of Ashraf have been broken to plunder the goods inside and technical people from the Ministry of Transportation have gone to Ashraf to prepare the rest of the vehicles there and to transfer them to Baghdad. At the same time, other property such as water tankers and air conditioners are being stolen on a large scale.

Considering the repeated and written commitments of the United States and the United Nations regarding the safety and security of Camp Liberty residents and the protection of their property, the Iranian Resistance calls for obstruction of the plunder of residents’ property in Ashraf and the return of the stolen property, as well as permitting Iraqi merchants to enter Camp Liberty and to sign contracts for the purchase of the property in Ashraf.