During the last two weeks, in an anti-human measure that is a flagrant violation of international conventions, Government of Iraq is using absurd pretexts to prevent transfer of Camp Liberty patients to the hospitals in Baghdad for their medical appointments or their preplanned surgeries. This is while a large number of these patients are in critical condition and some are cancer patients that are in need of immediate chemotherapy or other essential treatments. As is the routine, the names of these patients have been given to UNAMI and to the Iraqi physicians in camp’s clinic several days in advance.

The anti-human medical siege on Ashraf and Camp Liberty in the past five and a half years has tormented to death 20 patients and rendered the illnesses of many of them as incurable. This is physical torture of the patients and a psychological torture of all the residents and is indeed a clear case of crime against humanity whose culprits must be prosecuted and punished.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations and the United States government who have repeatedly and in writing committed themselves to the safety and security of the residents to adopt immediate measures to end this anti-human siege.