The committee at the Iraqi Prime Ministry tasked to suppress Iranian residents of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty dispatched a number of its agents headed by Sadeq Mohammad Kadhim and Ahmed Khozair to Camp Ashraf on Sunday, June 22, to plunder the movable property of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), especially their vehicles.
The group took a large number of people with it to Camp Ashraf to prepare the vehicles and load the property.

At the same time, a group of forces from 9 Badr Organization were also poised to steal the property and vehicles of the PMOI in Camp Ashraf upon orders from Hadi al-Ameri, Maliki’s Minister of Transportation who is currently the commander of operations of the paramilitary forces in Diyala Province.

Thesee two groups clashed inside Camp Ashraf and the forces of Badr Organization stopped the work of the group dispatched by Iraqi prime ministry.

On the other hand, a group from the prime ministry intelligence who are stationed in Camp Ashraf and were supposed to have the responsibility to protect the PMOI property were after stealing the more valuable property, such as new vehicles.
They have been hiding the goods in various locations and gradually moving them out of Camp Ashraf.

During the past two weeks, in three rounds, they have stolen at least 10 new Toyota Land Cruisers and pickup trucks from Camp Ashraf.

The clash between the gangs who are plundering the property found its way to Baghdad and the Iraqi Prime Ministry ordered Hadi al-Ameri not to obstruct the work of the committee.
As such, the prime ministry elements at least loaded and removed 60 vehicles, together with a large section of the residents’ protective vests and helmets from Camp Ashraf before noon, June 23.
Subsequently, Hadi al-Ameri allocated a number of Badr Organization forces to patrol around Camp Ashraf and the road leading to it so that his gang would also be able to steal a part of the property.
These forces that have been stationed in Camp Ashraf since last week have stolen 10 Toyota Land Cruiser pickups and took them to their offices in Khalis and other places to be used.
They have also stolen a large number of trailers, cranes and tankers taking them to be used by their forces in various fronts.

Moreover, a professional criminal and thief by the name of Jabbar Mamouri that is associated with the Iranian regime’s Quds Force and who participated in different attacks on Camp Ashraf in the past years, together with 250 othes, have been stationed in Camp Ashraf’s Moslehi Hospital under the pretext of helping the volunteers at the front but they are busy stealing property at the camp.
On June 22, the Iraqi TV reported that “Government of Iraq, concerned about the advance of revolutionaries, has initiated the plunder of property in Camp Ashraf”.

At the same time, Al-Hurra TV channel reported that the paramilitary forces from central and southern Iraq, together with religious figures from Karbala Province, have gone to Camp Ashraf.
Plunder of Ashraf residents’ property and the occupation of buildings and facilities that have been constructed by the residents at their own expense is blatant violation of the quadripartite accord of August 2012 (between U.S., Iraq, UN and residents), as well as a violation of U.S. and UN repeated commitments, including the joint U.S. and UN plan of September 5 and the letter of the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State of September 6 to Mrs. Rajavi.
Therefore, the Iranian Resistance is calling for immediate action by the United States and the United Nations to halt the actions that deprive residents of their property and to transfer their property to the vicinity of Camp Liberty to be placed under UNAMI supervision.