By Hameed Orayzi

“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”

Emiliano Zapata

I have been thinking a lot on truly why the Iranian regime – which goes the limits to portray itself as stable and having a certain future – is utterly terrified of its dissidents, especially the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) and Camp Liberty residents in Iraq, to the extent that it sets the limiting of the PMOI as precondition to any relations with all parties, and this regime very openly says it is seeking to literally eradicate each and every member of this opposition, one by one if needed, from the face of the Earth! The regime in Tehran attacks these dissidents through its proxies in Iraq, even direct attacks, and missile barrages. And last but not least, when all else fails, it even resorts to imposing a lethal medical and food blockade to force them to suffer to death.

I have yet to figure out why. What potential do these 3,000 Camp Liberty residents — or should I say inmates — have? What do they represent? What enthusiasm is derived from this camp that has been driving the mullahs crazy? All in all, Liberty residents are under siege, without any arms and literally in prison.

The truth is that the mullahs know better than anyone that their overthrow is inevitable, no matter how much they succeed in limiting, besieging and imprisoning their opposition. What makes this opposition dangerous to the mullahs is the ideals and objectives it represents, being the freeing Iran from the mullahs’ Middle-Ages-like rule. In fact, the mullahs are terrified of the Iranian youth who consider Liberty residents as their inspiration to regain their freedom. Liberty and its residents beam the possibility of freedom and resistance, and this is what has engulfed the mullahs in fear of their imminent end. Liberty residents have set an example for the Iranian masses who longer want to live under the mullahs’ rule that yes, one can stand against the odds even with their hands tied, and say “NO” to the enemy of freedom.

Historical legends have all played such inspirational roles, including the Holy Messengers Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammad, and pioneering leaders such as Cyrus, Spartacus, Zapata, Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. That is why they pose such dangers to the Pharaoh, Rome’s Caesar and …

This is the truth that no longer just the women and youth, and all of Iranian people, believe in, but in fact millions across the globe. The truth is that Islamic fundamentalism represented by the mullahs’ regime with its heart beating in Tehran, is not just a potential but a very realistic threat. If the West once thought this is not and cannot be their issue, now this threat is at their doorsteps and felt in their streets. The question asked by all across the globe is, what must be done?

In the past, due to lethal plagues such as the Black Death millions of people would lose their lives. What is the ‘Black Death’ of our time? There is no longer the slightest doubt that this deadly virus is none other than Islamic fundamentalism, and everyone is searching for a solution to guarantee their survival and prosperity, and of course that of future generations.

Many academicians, social theorists, dignitaries and significant policy makers across the globe have reached this conclusion that the PMOI is the anti-thesis for Islamic fundamentalism. The PMOI members, standing tall with their heads high after all the excruciating tests — each capable of destroying any movement — have proven that if one stands against the mullahs, they will be forced to retreat. At a time when the mullahs were dreaming of an Islamic empire, what forced them to succumb to the nuclear negotiating table? Standing against them and not giving in to the mullahs’ demands, period. This is the ideal and enthusiasm that Liberty residents are providing for Iranian youths and women, but of course at a very high price. This has also led to much respect from all corners of the globe for these unarmed and defenseless Iranian dissidents.

I believe supporting Liberty residents is not only a worthy humanitarian act, but also an inevitable necessity for our time to relieve Iran and the region from the evil of Islamic fundamentalism. Yes, a vital measure that one cannot neglect and leave for tomorrow. We stand tall with our heads high because at a time when some said let us conciliate the mullahs, we said “NO”.