Camp Liberty sewage crisis
Camp Liberty sewage crisis

Urgent call for immediate action by UN and US.

Since two weeks ago, Iraqi forces are preventing food and medicine purchased by the residents from entering the camp. The loaded perishables will soon rot.

Prevention of entry of supply trucks is for tightening the siege on the residents and imposing more pressure on them.

Also, the Iraqi forces are not allowing Iraqi contracted septic tankers to enter the camp. Yesterday, at least 5 black water tanks inside the camp overflowed, and many other tanks, as a result of being worn out, do not have the capacity to endure such amount of black water and are about to erupt. Hence, the camp is facing a hygienic crisis and the outbreak of epidemic infectious diseases, while the residents are under a strict medical siege by the Iraqi government.

We reach out to all readers of this article to call upon the United States government and the United Nations to honor their commitments to the residents of Camp Liberty and put pressure on the Iraqi government to end the siege on Camp Liberty.

We appreciate all of your efforts in advance. Meanwhile, you can also send tweets to @UNIraq, @USembBaghdad & @UNHCR and call for immediate action.