Iraq denies food and medicine to Camp Liberty residents, and prevents discharge of camp’s sewage

While massacre in Camp Ashraf and 4 missiles attack to Camp Liberty were not enough to annihilate Iranian dissidents in Iraq, government of Iraq has heightened the inhumane siege on Camp Liberty, home to 3000 Iranian refugees near Baghdad airport. Upon orders of the Iraqi Prime Ministry, since 12 days ago, An Iraqi intelligence officer, Major Ahmed Khozair is preventing foodstuff and medicine from entering the camp. Therefore, the reserves of many essential food items and necessary medicines for the residents are approaching depletion and residents are facing serious problems.

Furthermore, it is now close to two weeks that Ahmed Khozair is preventing Iraqi sewage tankers rented by the residents from entering the camp as was the routine during the past two years. This has caused the camp’s sewage tanks to fill and overflow and pollute the environment (picture of tanks are attached). This in turn will lead to the outbreak of infectious diseases that given the imposed medical blockade puts the residents in a perilous situation.

In his trip to Tehran early last December, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki promised the mullahs to escalate the suppressive measures and the criminal siege on Camp Liberty in return for regime’s full support for his third term as prime minister.

Urgent action needed

Underscoring the fact that these criminal measures are prosecutable and punishable at the international level and given the written and repeated commitments by the United Nations and the United States government concerning Camp Liberty residents’ safety and security, I would like to ask you to write letters, tweet and call UNAMI’s office in Baghdad and US Embassy in Baghdad to adopt immediate measures to end this anti-human siege from Camp Liberty.

Shahriar Kia