Mullahs intensify executions in Iran


While the Iranian regime faces crises within its own ranks and on the international front, in order to prevent uprisings from erupting in Iran, it has resorted to public executions and propagation of fear and terror in the streets.

The clerical regime ruling Iran executed at least 9 people in cities across Iran on Monday and Tuesday.
According to other sources, 6 prisoners condemned to death in Gohardasht prison have been transferred the solitary to carry out their sentences.

Meanwhile, Mohammad-Javad Larijani, the Secretary of the Iranian regime ’s Human Rights Council, said on Tuesday that the his regime rejects the human rights norms and standards accepted by western states, according Fars news agency.

The Iranian regime’s “affinity for human rights is rooted” in its “cultural principles and we don’t accept the West-imposed human rights (principles) which want to change our way of life (lifestyle),” Larijani told a delegation from Ireland visiting Tehran on Tuesday.

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