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The wave of barbaric executions has continued in the New Year in Iran. From January 6 to 12, the Iranian regime hanged 19 prisoners.

It hanged seven prisoners in cities of Urumiyah, Salmas and Mashhad. Ahmad Shafiegh Khani. One of the four prisoners collectively hanged in Urumiyah was only 19-years-old at the time of his arrest.

Two days earlier, five prisoners were hanged in Qazvin, Gachsaran and Tabriz. The hanging of a prisoner in the city of Sari (on January 6) and a 45-year-old prisoner from Zabol in the prison of Yassouj (on January 12) are among the registered executions of this past week.

A shocking report that has leaked out of Adelabad Prison in Shiraz by the inmates discloses unceasing clandestine executions in this dreaded torture center. The leaked report states that on January 4, two prisoners, Hamid Tabkhi and Aghil Mohammadi, were secretly executed. Hamid Tabkhi was a minor. And on January 8, three other inmates, Omid Hosseini, 21, Majid Hayati and Bashir Assadi, were secretly executed.

The report reads in part: “Here, they kill men like sheep… here at Adelabad of Shiraz there is not an iota of justice!… This is the most dreaded prison of the century. Here, you cannot find any sunshine, light, joy or laughter. This is a graveyard. Everything here has a damp smell of wretchedness and villainy. This is Adelabad, where there is not an iota of justice!”

Meanwhile, cleric Mohseni Gorkani, head of the regime’s supreme tribunal, described the amputation of hands as being in the interests of the society, and he emphasized the need to amputate hands and feet of thieves (Revolutionary Guards’ news agency of Tasnim – January 7, 2014). Gorkani added that the sentence for the mullahs’ fabricated charge of “Moharebeh” is death