By Shahrzad Shariat, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

The hunger strike of Camp Liberty residents nears the end of its third month. It is now 77 days that hundreds of residents haven’t eaten a single bite. And it’s 77 days that the United States and United Nations are lying dormant.

So far, the United States and the United Nations have preferred to remain silent in face of the horrible crime against humanity in Camp Ashraf and the abduction of seven residents by Iraqi forces, and the suffering of hunger strikers in Camp Liberty and across the world.

This isn’t a crime committed covertly – it was conducted in broad daylight, with the whole world knowing as it unraveled. This isn’t an undocumented crime – hundreds of pictures and reports were submitted to the media and government officials. This crime was committed with the full knowledge of the US and UN. All government authorities are aware of its details and the documents and testimonies that have been assembled in this regard. But in defiance to all principles of Human Rights, they’ve deliberately closed their eyes in order to evade their responsibilities.

The United States and United Nations are fully aware of their responsibilities towards the residents of Camp Liberty. But they have shrugged off their duties by remaining silent and convincing themselves with the lies of the Iraqi government.

Now, after five deadly massacres, the residents of Camp Liberty are left with no other option than to go on hunger strike to ensure their own safety and free the seven hostages, who are still in the hands of Maliki’s government.

If the US so easily neglects its commitments, and the United Nations so blatantly turns its back on Human Rights, then who is responsible?

Maybe there’s something to it. Maybe it’s up to us to pay the ultimate price with our lives in order to defend freedom and Human Rights, and to awaken the consciences of the twenty-first century.

The night is at its darkest only before dawn.