On November 13, Mr. Brett McGurk, Deputy Assistant Secretary in U.S. State Department, speaking to a congressional hearing in that country stressed: “Following the September 1 attack… we did call for an investigation and for the UN to be involved in this process.” Similarly, previously, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, as well as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, had reiterated on thorough and impartial probe into the assault on Camp Ashraf.

In that same hearing, congressmen harshly criticized delay in conducting the probe into the assault on Ashraf and said: “74 days on, nothing has been done, let alone an independent investigation… Five attacks on Ashraf and Liberty – five – over a period of years. Not one criminal has been brought to justice; not one… I am not sure what we are doing; not any of the witnesses has been talked to about the latest attack.”

While there is an extensive demand by the international community for an impartial inquiry, United Nations and United States refrain from action which unquestionably will encourage the Iraqi government and the Iranian regime to continue and repeat their atrocities. The Iranian Resistance once again calls for an immediate and independent inquiry into the massacre and abductions of September 1st and underscores that delay in this matter will result in nothing but helping the perpetrators of the massacre, in particular Maliki and his masters in Tehran, to elude justice.