By Mona Ganji, hunger striker in camp Liberty

After Iraq’s invasion in 2003, the United States government signed an agreement with each and every one of the residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq where 3000 Iranian dissidents reside. US promised them security and protection, but failed in keeping that promise.

Who are the residents of Ashraf?

Due to the mullahs’ regime suppression against all those who raise their voice for freedom, I had to flee Iran with my family and come to Camp Ashraf, like thousands of Iranians. My brother and four uncles had previously been executed by the Iranian regime because they were against the Mullahs’ repression in Iran.

But our suffering did not end there.

After US handed over its responsibility for our protection to Iraqi government, the Iraqi forces attacked us twice while US forces were still present in Ashraf and Iraq, murdering 48 unarmed, defenseless residents, and injuring more than a thousand.

Afterwards, we were relocated to a prison ridiculously named “Camp Liberty” with promises of enhanced security and quick relocation to third countries.

Camp Liberty turned out to be a killing field. Iraqi government didn’t stop its atrocities. To this day, two missile attacks have left 10 dead and more than 200 injured.

We repeatedly warned about further massacres in Ashraf and Liberty. But the US and UN paid no heed. The tragic result of this negligence was the September 1st massacre in Ashraf, staged by the Iraqi forces under the direct command of Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki.

This time, the death toll was 52. Seven others were abducted, six of them women.

All of the victims carried protected persons cards issued by US government.

The seven hostages are still in the hands of Iraqi Forces. They face the threat of being surrendered to Iran.

Camp Liberty is still vulnerable to further attacks.

The silence and inaction of the US and UN is simply outrageous. And that is why we have gone on hunger strike as the last means to have our voices heard. We are now in the 66th day.

The US and UN must break their silence and step forth to free the hostages and protect Camp Liberty from further attacks.

The world is watching, President Obama. Act before it’s too late.