europarliament-395On October 24, 2013, in a statement, more than 150 members of the European Parliament called for the immediate release of the 7 Camp Ashraf hostages abducted by the Iraqi forces on September 1.

The text follows.

Free the Seven Camp Ashraf Hostages

It has been more than 50 days since the criminal attack on Camp Ashraf in Iraq when 52 defenseless Iranian refugees were brutally executed by the Iraqi army on 1 September and seven more including six women were taken hostage.
The European Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution on the situation in Iraq on 10 October which explicitly referred to this tragedy and called for the “immediate and unconditional release” of the seven hostages.
Supporters and relatives of the Ashraf residents have been on hunger strike since the attack in several locations including in London, Geneva, Berlin, Ottawa, Melbourne and Camp Liberty. Many of them have now entered a critical phase after 8 weeks of refusing to eat food. Their demand is the same as the European Parliament’s resolution that the hostages must be immediately released and returned safely to their families.
We call on Baroness Ashton, President Barroso, President van Rompuy and EU member states to take immediate action to make Iraq fulfill this demand; any further loss of life is unacceptable. We also repeat our call for a full and independent investigation into the 1 September massacre and for the results to be made public immediately. The UN should send peacekeepers to protect the remaining 3000 residents at Camp Liberty from further attacks by Iraqi forces.