During their savage raid against camp Ashraf on September 1st – which claimed the lives of 52 innocents – the Iraqi Special Forces abducted 7 of camp’s residents, removing them from the camp and transferring them to the Iraqi Prime Minister’s secret dungeons in Baghdad. This outrageous breach of all international and humanitarian laws has infuriated the world; awakened consciences across the globe have raised their voices in protest and continue to condemn this atrocious crime and the continued incarceration of the hostages.

It is now 40 days that the hostages (6 women and a man) are in the custody of Maliki’s forces, ill-reputed for their barbarousness towards prisoners and captives. They are under violent interrogation by the prime minister’s torturers and agents of the Iranian regime and the terrorist Quds force. They are under the threat of being extradited to Iran. The latest reports and documents obtained by the Iranian resistance prove that the hostages are under the direct control of Nouri Al-Maliki and he is directly giving orders to continually displace them in order to evade discovery.

The United States and United Nations had obligation to protect the residents of Ashraf. Yet their negligence not only paved the way for Maliki to commit the crime, but it has also allowed it to refrain from releasing the hostages. The residents of Camp Liberty and supporters of the Iranian resistance in different countries have gone on hunger strike in protest to this crime against humanity and this unacceptable silence and inaction, and they are demanding the President Obama and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to intervene and release the seven hostages before it becomes too late.